Directors Message

Dear Readers,
Greetings and best wishes!

From a modest beginning in 2008, Vishwakarma Sahajeevan Madanbhai Sura Institute of Business Management, Khed (VSMSIBM), formerly VSIM has now grown into a fully integrated management school. The guiding philosophy of the school, throughout, has been dissemination of knowledge, imparting skills to influence management practices and to integrate with corporate.

The objective of disseminating knowledge is always combined with creativity, imparting skill is always combined with rigorous practice, and the integration with corporate is always coupled with student activities and projects.

The entire endeavour is to create a complete corporate personality, who will be engaged in commercial activities of businesses. One of the seven deadly sins written by Rasht pita Mahatma Gandhi is “Commerce without morality”. To avoid this deadly sin, the institute nurtures leadership practices with moral behaviour. The two years of life invested by the student in this Institute makes difference and the student transforms into a corporate leader with high ambitions and great confidence.

My expectations from the students who wish to join the institute are high. I want them to be punctual, to be disciplined in following the process of learning. I expect the students to have faith in the institute’s entire team from the Management to the staff and believe that all of them are having only one mission, the mission of helping the transformation of every student into a corporate personality. The entire team works on set objectives to accomplish the mission.

I assure all the parents and prospecting students that, with the synergy created out of the union of highly ambitious students and mission bound institute; the integration with corporate shall be very effective and contributory not only to the individuals but also to the robust growth of the nation.

Wishing you all, the very best for all your future endeavors.

Dr. Sunil D. Doke
Director, VSMSIBM, Khed

Faculty Achievement:-
1. Dr. Sunil Doke (VSIM Director) - Paper Published in Indian General of Marketing on "Multidimentional segments amount children in urbun indian family" (ISBN Number 0973-8703)
2. Prof. Satish Kadam received “Konkan Gaurav Award” from Konkan creative foundation, khed for the excellent work in educative sector, for the year 2011-12. Prof. Satish Kadam has given motivational lectures in many senior colleges in Konkan region. Since last two years he is working on spreading of MBA education in Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg & Raigad district & working as a full time lecturer in VSIM College.
3. Prof. Anagha Gokhale Asst. Professor, has Presented Research Paper in National Conference on “HR practices are Market Driven” titled as “Training and Development Practices & Policies for Gen Y Workforce” organized by Guru Nanak institute of Management studies, Mantuga , Mumbai and secured first prize of Best Presentation in Track Three. They published this Research Paper in their journal bearing ISBN number.

Student Acheivement
Paper Presented & secured 1st prize of Best Presentation at VIM
1) PushkarUjjainkar – Innovation – A key strategic management
2) MiteshShukla– Customer Value & Profit & Development Management

Paper Present& secured 1st prize of Best Presentation at VGBS
1) ShrinivasGokhale- Segmenting the Generation “Y”